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Please read this information thoroughly.  Have your documents filled out and ready to upload during online registration or bring them  in person to our document collection day prior to the start of the season.  Your attention to this is greatly appreciated by our volunteer board members who give their time to make sure our league runs smoothly.  Please help reduce the administrative hours our volunteer board members spend collecting documents by following these instructions.  UC Little League requires the following documents from each player every year.  Players will not be allowed on the field without these documents on file with the league:

1) Birth Certificate

2) Medical Form - click here to download

3) Snack Bar Volunteer Agreement & Deposit Form (Spring Season Only) - click here to download

The deposit check can be handed in at our document collection day prior to the start of the season.

4) Parent Code of Conduct - click here to download

5) Proof of Residency:  If your child goes to school within league boundaries:  complete a School Enrollment form and that's it!  This is the easiest way to prove form and you're done!


If your child does not go to school within league boundaries, but you live within league boundaries, please submit 3 proof of residency documents - 1 from each category below.   Documents must contain parent/guardian name, street address, city, state, zip code, and dated between February 1 of the previous year and February 1 of the current year.  For example, you could submit a Driver's license for group 1, a water bill counts as a municipal record for group 2, and an SDGE bill for group 3.

Group 1 choose at least one of the following:
Driver's license
School records
Vehicle records (registration, lease, etc.)
Employment records
Insurance documents

Group 2 choose at least one of the following:
Welfare/child care records
Federal records (e.g. federal tax, social security, etc.)
State records
Local (municipal) records
Support payment records
Homeowner or tenant records
Military records

Group 3 choose at least one of the following:
Voter's registration
Utility bills (e.g. gas, electric, phone, heating, etc.)
Financial records (loan, credit, investments, etc.)
Medical records
Internet, cable, or satellite records

Note: Three documents from the same group constitute only ONE document.
Note: Certain documents may be used in different Groups, but will count for only one group per child.  Example - if a water/sewer bill is used to satisfy Group 2 as a municipal record, that same bill CANNOT be used as a utility bill to satisfy Group 3.

How do I submit documents?

Please upload documents and completed forms when you register your player online.  Please bring the snack bar deposit check and any remaining documents in person to our document collection day prior to the start of the season.

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